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We have the best Entertainers/Dj's in the business.


When it comes to talent, we have stacked the deck to make sure you have the best event possible.  Crowd Pleasers Entertainers have many years of experience.  Just look and see!!

Rob Lehman
Pearl Duclos

Rob started DJing at the age of 12. The Dj at one of the high school dances back in the 80's didn't show up. One of the teachers knew how much Rob loved music and decided to call his parents to see if they would allow him to fill in.  It is fair to say, after that night Rob was hooked!  He has been entertaining crowds of all ages and backgrounds ever since.  Rob had a pretty extensive radio and television career as well.  In radio, he worked for stations like W-4 Country in Detroit Michigan and WSM in Nashville.  In Television, he worked for the NFL Network and ABC Sports National.  Rob has also worked with national touring artists as an opening act and onstage DJ.  In Mississippi, he has worked for The Jackson Senators and the Jackson Bandits Hockey club as the house announcer.

Pearl, also fondly referred to as "the glue", wears many hats at Crowd Pleasers Entertainment. Her background in Operations Management has not only assisted in growing the business, but has also helped to keep all these guys in line!  Her organizational and customer service skills are key to keeping the events on track behind the scenes.  Her divers taste and passion for music makes her not only useful in the office but also in events.  You just might catch her DJing a wedding, hosting a karaoke party, or running a photo booth...she can do it all! 



Will Lehman

Eric Varona-Nava

Eric was born and raised in Troy, Michigan, located right outside of Detroit.  He is a huge Detroit Lions football fan.  In 2005, Eric came to Mississippi to pursue a career in broadcasting.  He has been told all of his life that is voice is his best attribute.  Eric has been a lover of music his entire life!  He has twin 13 year old daughters, and dotes that they are the best kids in the world.  He has been a DJ since 1999 and has been part of Crowd Pleasers Entertainment for a year and a half. 

"I love entertaining people and making sure everyone has a great time!" -Eric

To continue with tradition Will, the son of owner Rob Lehman, has also started his professional career as an entertainer.  Following in his father's foot steps by DJing at 12 years old, he is a music buff and loves to entertain the crowds.  Will's first gig was in 5th grade at his school in "Madison Crossings Got Talent", a talent show put on by the Madison County School District.  Now in the 11th grade, he has performed in front of several different crowds and thousands of people.  He has also performed at a cast party for a reality TV show that is getting ready to start filming around the Central Mississippi area.  He continues to play for various functions for kids his age and older!  Will is constantly practicing and even plays weddings from time to time.

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